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этнос альфарийцы

The Alfarians are a new passionary ethnos, which began to take shape and unite on the Internet along with the development of information technology. Due to the peculiarities of the formation of the ethnos, Alpharians do not have a specific area of ​​residence and the geography of their settlement coincides with the settlement of the person as a whole, but the first representatives of the Russian-speaking Internet segment living in the territory of the former CIS declared the creation of their statehood. This ethnos was formed under the influence of the available modern knowledge, which determined the main features of their character. The Alpharians are distinguished by a desire for self-organization and mutual aid. In December 2018, they announced the creation of the Cyber ​​State Alpha Mir, later renamed the Cyber ​​Alpharia. The character traits of the Alfarians include:

- craving for knowledge, obtaining new knowledge allows them to relate to problems creatively (it helps to develop several solutions already) and tolerantly (calmly and adequately accept failures);

- keep the promises, if the Alfarian promises something to someone, he will definitely do it, while people love to promise, without appreciating the situation and reality at all;

- quick decision making, having found several solutions, the Alfarian will choose the one that he would like more from experience and intuition, seeing problems and even having decent solutions at hand when others take the time, consult with the “experts”, redo everything; , read horoscopes, but never move;

- flexible thinking and adequate self-esteem, the Alfarian considers several options for solving issues (invented by himself or others), while the rest see only black and white and do not want to hear anything about shades;

- using adaptation, strategy and delegation, the Alfarian has not only good adaptation and is focused on short-term and long-term goals. At every opportunity he tries to count something a few steps forward. when usually others are not inclined to strategy, they cannot cope with the flow of new problems, they cannot sort them out, sort through them and solve them in a chaotic order. And gradually drown in the flow of problems;

- they are able to take responsibility, they are not afraid of the consequences of mistakes, and therefore, they can take responsibility for failure on themselves. And she will not blame the bosses, subordinates, parents and the government for their troubles;

They also easily relate to annoying troubles and easily control their emotions. All this allows them to lead an active rich life, achieve success in business and occupy a high social position.

Ethnologists have not yet fully studied the mechanisms of the formation of an ethnos, but it was noticed that most of the Alfariienians are represented by people whose personality trait dominates as introversion, perhaps due to the fact that introverts do not feel comfortable in large companies and prefer to spend time getting New information, comprehending it or communicating in the information space, while they can be excellent specialists and managers. Although extroverts are also not rare among representatives of this ethnos, they easily find a common language with other Alfarians, they can inspire people, “charge” them with their energy and achieve great results.

If you find yourself in the Alpharian, if you also feel a craving for knowledge and self-development, welcome to us.


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