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Constitution of the Cyber State of Alpharia

Герб кибергосударства Альфария (Виртуального государства)

Constitution of the Cyber State of Alpharia

  1. The cyber state of Alpharia is a democratic state with a republican form of government.
  2. The name Cyber State Alpharia and Alpharia are equivalent.
  3. Man, the development of his personality, his rights and freedoms are the highest value. The recognition, observance and protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, the creation of conditions for self-development and self-realization is the duty of the state.
  4. The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in Alpharia is its citizens.
  5. The principles of government of the Republic of Alpharia exclude unconditional and uncontested subordination of citizens to the requirements of the state.
  6. The highest direct expression of the power of the people are referendum and free elections.
  7. The sovereignty of Alpharia is not divided with the sovereignty of the identity of each of its citizens.
  8. The purpose of the state is: to unite people for jointly working out measures and solving problems, stimulating the spiritual, intellectual, physical, material development of mankind as a whole and of every citizen in particular, as well as solving regional and global problems hindering development and carrying potential threats.
  9. The supreme law of a citizen of Alpharia is the right of direct personal influence on decision-making through voting or acts of personal will.
  10. Cyber state Alpharia:
    1. does not claim the territorial integrity of any of the states;
    2. uses the state cryptocurrency alpha and any other cryptocurrency and fiat currencies as state financial instruments;
    3. is not a public joint-stock company; does not violate international human rights.
  11. The source of power in the Cyber State of Alpharia is its citizens. Citizens of Alpharia exercise their power directly, as well as through their chosen authorities. The right to participate in the election and recall of members of the authorities of Alpharia is reserved exclusively for citizens of Alpharia.
  12. State administration in Alpharia is carried out according to the principle of separation of powers. The legislative, executive and judicial authorities are independent of each other, and have corresponding rights and obligations.
  13. Citizenship of Alpharia can be granted to any person who adheres to the values of the cyber state of Alpharia and respects this constitution.
  14. Citizenship Alpharias is not a second or dual citizenship in the conventional sense because Alpharia is not a classical state and does not aspire to become one. Acquisition of citizenship of Alfaría by a person who has citizenship of another state, both territorial and extraterritorial (virtual), does not give rise to a conflict of citizenship or the need to renounce one of them.
  15. The official language of Alpharia is Russian.


  1. The president of Alpharia is the head of state.
  2. The President of Alpharia as head of state represents Alpharia inside the country and in international relations.
  3. The President, in accordance with the Constitution of Alpharia, determines the main directions of the state’s domestic and foreign policy.
  4. The president of Alpharius is elected for a period of one month by citizens of Alpharia on the basis of equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot of citizens of Alpharia.
  5. The Council of worthy (legislative body, up to 9 people) is formed from among those who participated in the presidential election, but did not get the largest number of votes.
  6. The term of presidency is limited to 3 months.
  7. The same person cannot hold the presidency for 2 terms in a row.
  8. Government (executive body, 5 people)
    1. Ministry of Foreign Policy;
    2. Ministry of Foreign Policy;
    3. The Ministry of Security;
    4. Ministry of Education, Culture and Social Projects;
    5. Ministry of Economic Policy;
  9. The Supreme Court of Alpharia (judicial authority, from 3 to 5 people, is determined by a vote of citizens of Alpharia)
  10. Citizens of Alpharia (Supervisory Authority)
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